Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog Post #5 --Part B

Blog Post #5 Part B

Websites on Personal Learning Networks can be found all over the internet.  I was introduced to the concept of Personal Learning Networks in our EDM310 class.  It has been a concept that was easy to enjoy.   PLN's are a great way to help share  information with other people with the same interest.  The different  ways we share information is limitless.  My two favorite PLN's  are emailing and my new love, Twitter.

 Today, emailing sounds old fashion or out of date compared to other forms of sharing. I just love to send and receive email and all the attachments that go with them.  I love having a digital written correspondence to save or to share. I am constantly giving my email address  to others. I also leave my email on any opportunities if I think it is appropriate.  I love checking my email on my phone, my tablet as well as my laptop.  I love sharing a link or pictures with others in my PLN.

My new love for my PLN is Twitter.  I followed my instructor and the lab assistants on Twitter this semester and I learned a lot from them.  I added teachers and some educational blog pages to follow as well. This is a new way to see what others are doing quickly.  I still have a lot to learn, but that is what EDM310 taught us as well.  We are all learners , as well as teachers.   I hope to someday have good post on Twitter that is worthwhile to people who are following me.

I am at the beginning stages of my PLN compared to what I envision to have in my career.  I hope to be a positive contributor to my educational field.  I do believe that PLN's can make my teaching much more enriching that will only benefit myself as a teacher, but will also help my students as well.

Friday, April 24, 2015

C4K #8

April's Summary --Comments 4 Kids

c4k #8

 Seira 's Post of a book review on a book she read called Counting by 7's  by Holly Goldberg Sloan.  Seira gave a great detailed summary of the book which makes it seem very desirable to read. I sounds like a heartwarming story about  love, loss and family.

My Comment:

Hi Sierra.  My name is Tanya G and I am a student at the University of Alabama.  Your book report titled Counting by Sevens is very good.  You gave a great review of the story.  I love finding out that  there are good books for young readers.  This book would make a great read for many people young and older.  I hope you continue to enjoy reading and keep up the good work.  Great job.

Sierra is in seventh grade in Mrs. Lombard's class in Oklahoma.  Posting a blog about a  book that a  is a wonderful way to show other readers about a good book to read.  Many people read books through references from their friends or someone whose opinion is important to them.  Sierra did a great job.

c4k #9
Marvina's Blog Post was an answer to a class question. The questions was When did April Fools Day begin?
Marvina's Answer was The start of a new calendar in 1582.

My Comment:
April Fools Day
Marvina, Hi my name is Tanya G and I attend the University of Alabama. When asked how did April’s fools begin I do believe your answer of the new calendar in 1582 is correct. Great Job. Keep up the good work.

Marvina is a student at Holley Elementary School in British Columbia, Canada. She is in Mrs Gardner's class.  Posting answers on blogs can be a great tool for teachers to see how well their students understand the material being taught.

c4k #10

Monae's Bucket List is posted by Monae on her goals on her life.  She listed some wonderful mild stones both big in small that she plans to experience in her life.  She has a positive attitude and plans to  be a mature responsible productive adult.

My Comment:
Hi Monae, My name is Tanya G.  I am a student at the University of South Alabama.  I like your bucket list.  You have a very bright and positive future ahead of you.  I feel that having long and short term goals are very important.  You seem to be on the right track and keep up the good work.

Monae  is in Ms. Thomas's class at John Hansen French Immersion School in Prince George MD.   I liked the idea of students posting goals for themselves.  I is good for the students to visualize the future and have long and short term plans.  With these post, students can come back a later time and see if their goals have changed or have been met.

Blog Post #16 Part A

Project 16 Part A

Technology and Teaching

Technology is always changing, transforming and improving. We believe that technology in the classroom is key for success in getting students ready for college and a career. The earlier we start teaching them technology and working with it consistently, the better. When the students reach college and career level they will need to know technology skills to keep up. The main issue right now is that most schools are unable to provide students with the necessary technology tools. If schools were equipped to aid in technology and teaching, it would revolutionize the way students learn and communicate.

tech n teach.jpg

Group Blog--Team Panther--Using Technology and the Smart board in the Classroom

As a team we discussed how using technology in the classroom has come a long way.  No longer is there just a chalkboard and  notebooks and pencils.  Technology has moved into the classroom. Technology has entered the classroom in two outstanding forms such as smart boards and computers device with all the capabilities that go along with them. With the smart board, an oral presentation now can have visual material to go along with the lecture. The smart board still has the capabilities of a chalkboard but it gives the student and teacher options of pictures and shapes and even sound to go along with their written material. The computer device in a classroom also changes the dynamics of how learning can be achieved. With the computers devices the students can go to the internet and explore material that their teacher has assigned to them. The internet not only has written material, but the students may also be able to see pictures or even videos on the assigned material for their class.


A smart board and computer devices in the classroom has definitely changed the way we perform teaching, but using project based approach to learning is one of the main reasons this technology works so effectively in the classroom. Project based learning approach can be the format to which teachers guide their class through the assignments that she would have given them. The project base learning approach has many benefits.  It can be used by individual students, small groups or even by the entire class. There is no limitation on the degree to which a student can engage in the topic because the internet has a vast amount of information on the subject and related topics given to any assignment. Project base learning has moved the class from pencil and paper to the internet. The class is no longer limited to just the knowledge of the teacher but to the unlimited vast material on the internet concerning the assigned topic. The teacher, as well as the students then both become learners of the given assignment. Technology and project base learning have started an ever changing transformation in the classroom. The only sure thing about technology and project base learning is it will continually be changing the way our students will find new ways to learn.

Blog Post 14

Blog Post 14

Teaching Can Be a Profession By Joel Klein is a news article in the USA Today paper showing his brutal honest opinion of how teaching could be changed with a magic wand.  Klein ran New York City's public schools for almost a decade. The three problems associated with changing education that are listed in the article are Pick from the best, Seniority distraction, and Radical change.

Pick from the best in Klein's opinion is to start with better academics for teachers.  Klein is concerned about reading instruction taught to teachers. In Pick from the best Klein  also explains how advantageous it is to have the top graduates become teachers instead of other professions like doctors or lawyers. In Pick for the best, Klein lastly shows his distaste of how teachers are viewed as interchangeable personnel.

My opinion on the different components of Pick for the best vary.  I do think better instruction can help all teachers and future teachers.  I don't believe that you have to be in the top third of the graduate class to become a great teacher. I do agree that teachers should not be view an replaceable personnel.

Secondly is the argument of Seniority distraction. Klein explains, Seniority distraction is the problem in the way a school is run  due to job security and seniority. Bad teachers, Klein concludes cannot be removed, simply they are just put into less desirable schools.  Klein thinks that course work is one way to eliminate the problem of bad teachers.  In my opinion , Klein is correct that job security and seniority have held back our educational progress.  I do agree with Klein in that continuing education for all educators is a great way to overcome the bad teachers who stay due to seniority.  In my opinion, continuing education can only benefit both the teacher and their students.

Thirdly, Klein  refers to Shanker when  he calls his last point Radical Change.
Shanker proposed for the teachers to have their own personalized board of police.    I do think he is correct.  Like most professions, they have their own professional boards that the professional has to answer to. A few examples are the Board of Pharmacy, The Board of Nursing, and the State Board of Law.  I do believe, however that if you want to hold teachers to such high standards of professionalism, then in my opinion you need to treat them and pay them like a professional.

I do believe Klein is very clear on what needs to be fixed in our education machine that is broken in this country.  I was disappointed with the lack  of a time line or a formidable  plan to fix these serious grievances.  Maybe this is the start of fixing the problem, that is acknowledge that these elements, along with some others exist.  Until Americans make education a major priority, I believe the changes Klein wishes for will not happen soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

C4T #4--April's Postings

C4T # 4 Post #1

Around the corner is a blog page of Miguel Guhlin  on which he posted on April 9th, 2015 a post titled Against the Wind: Hierarchy of No.  Guhlin explains how great creative ideas do not get implemented if not originating from the top of a chain of command.

My Comment:
Hi Miguel,  My name is Tanya and I am a student at USA in Mobile, Alabama. I enjoyed your post. I do believe that many of your readers can identify with having a great idea but don't feel like anyone "above" them will listen.

Miguel Guhlin describes how great ideas are often overlooked because the original source is not always at the top of the chain of command.  People with great ideas have a harder time expressing ideas to others and being well received if they are low on that chain of command.

Blog Post # 13

Blog Post 13

  My passion is History, but I feel EDM310 has been an ongoing learning assignment that is beneficial for every subject. EDM310 class is the ultimate Project Base Learning assignment all on its own.  In today's world I believe technology is now available to every grade level so using PBL in the classroom is a natural tool. I feel sure that most students embrace the electronic aspect as a part of their education.Being in groups or working alone, technology appears like a realistic approach to teaching students.

To have a blog post assignment concerning my specialty for the EDM310 class  I would instruct a history assignment. I found  great inspiration from Share My Lesson - Women's History Month which gave me some ideas on how to create a lesson for an assignment on Women is History.

The Share My Lesson web site had adjusted lesson plans for many different grades.  I would focus on 10th grade history.  I would have class individually go to the web site Women's history month of 2015 and  find an article relating to a person or event that interest them. . Each student is to make a small report  with word limitations and other instructions and to  complete their report with a picture on their topic or person.